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Mudo Academy New Update

On the 17th October the Swiss Mudo Academy delegation attended Educational Seminars at The World Mudo Academy Headquarters in Seoul.

Master Tien is to return back to Norway and re-establish his connection with the the World Mudo Academy.

As President of the Muye Blackbelt Association, Master Kim Yong Ho has agreed to let them join the World Mudo Academy.

10th and 11th November there will be two Mudo Educational Seminars held in Darlington by Grand Master Kim Yong Ho hosted by the Mudo Academy of GB and Ireland. Following on from this, on the 17th and 18th November Educational Seminars will held in France by Grand Master Kim Yong Ho.

Finally it has been announced 2019 will see members of the Mudo Academy of Great Britain and Ireland return to South Korea for specialist Educational Seminars with Grand Master Kim Yong Ho

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