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History of the Mudo

Mudo Academy translated becomes spirit  way and was first established in 1997 by Master Kim Yong Ho.


The first club was opened in Chilton (KimChungDoKwan) with the first Mudo competition in Ferryhill. The first international Mudo competition was hosted in Spennymoor, September 1997. From this it has continued it’s success in Mexico, Helsinki and Paris. The purpose of the World Mudo Academy is to bring unification worldwide, with a return to the original views by re-establishing the heart and soul within the Martial Art. In other words the Spirit of the Martial Art, Mudo – Spirit way.

In 2000 Grand Master Kim Yong Ho introduced both the PalJeungDo and PalMuDo Systems, for Kup grades and Black belts alike. These Systems are not to be seen as a sequence of movements but a training tool used to help individuals; regardless of age, gender or ability, to understand and learn to use their breathing and control their energy, both internal and external. 

The Mudo Academy aims to provide a holistic approach to teaching which is accessible to all, with a true focus on the Spirit of the Martial Art.

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