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To become a Mudo Blackbelt

Over the years many high and low grade Instructors have asked me for a written syllabus of the requirements needed to become a Blackbelt. I have always resisted the publication of a written set of requirements.

To become a Mudo Blackbelt you need to understand the following elements:-

Honour. The meaning of living, or trying to live an honourable life.

The ability to know what is the right thing and, the ability to do the right

thing even if everyone else does not support the right.

Justice. The meaning of justice. Not to wait to be told what is the correct way but,

to know the right way and to act accordingly with the necessary


Generosity. To act with a generosity of heart, to give and forgive.

Humility. To know that a Blackbelt has no need for glory, acknowledgement or

reward. A Blackbelt sees no value in notoriety, stardom or self promotion.

Loyalty . To know the meaning of loyalty and,maintain it even in difficult

circumstances.To be a roll model to others.

Morality . To understand what morality means and strive to follow the correct


Do. Not only to know the above but,to attempt ,to the best of your ability,

to follow the correct path at all times.

The above descriptions may be interpreted to be meant as how to treat others, but primarily they are meant to be how you treat yourself. If you cannot treat yourself in the correct manner, then how can you treat anyone else correctly?

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