Virtues of training in the Martial Arts

February 4, 2018

Everyone has their own reason for choosing to train in the Martial Arts, be it for confidence, fitness, there are many reasons. The question to consider is not why you train, but why should you train? Grand Master Kim Yong Ho has outlined the virtues of training in the Martial Art, an excerpt of which can be found below.

Virtues of training in the Martial Arts


Grand Master Kim Yong Ho


No one can predict what is going to happen in the future. No one can predict what will happen in your life. Nothing is certain. Therefore, you must take responsibility for your own life. Judge for yourself and take the decisions for yourself. People who wait are merely failing to take the decisions, or are waiting for someone else to make the decisions for them. It may be easy to attribute life mistakes to outside conditions or innate destiny but, this is an illusion.


Endless opportunities and chances are open to anyone. Martial Art training helps you to come to the right decisions for your life. The training helps to improve and encourage the willpower. Through training you learn to live through adversity and hardship. You learn to train the body and mind and achieve a strong spirit.


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