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Educational Seminar Round Up

Recently the Mudo Academy of Great Britain was honoured to host Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, President of the World Mudo Academy, for a series of special Educational Seminars. As well as being honoured to learn from Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, students were offered the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from Master Kim Sang Tae, Master Kim Jihyun and Master Ryu.

Students of all ages were humbled by the experience, which focused on breathing control and the important role this plays in any technique.

We were honoured to receive education from Master Kim Sang Tae as well as Master Kim Jihyun and Master Ryu on their first visit to Great Britain.

The Mudo Academy would like to thank Grand Master Kim Yong Ho for taking the time to share his knowledge and wisdom with the students, a demonstration of the REAL Martial Art.​

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