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Master Manages Miles for Mudo!

Following a challenge from Chief Instructor Master Ron Brennan, Master Hannah Hatfield picked up the gauntlet to raise funds for the building of the new Mudo Academy Headquarters. With each club aiming to raise a significant contribution Hannah was presented a singular opportunity. For every £1 raised she would run 1 mile, and as anyone who has met Hannah will attest she hates running!

Friends, family and more than a few students selflessly donated to ensure Hannah would be running not just for a few laps of the park, but every day for a whole MONTH, in a demonstration of Martial Art spirit. Thus far Hannah has been sponsored £170, for which she assures her students there will be consequences!

Due to a well earned nap, Master Hannah was unavailable for comment but we are sure she would speak highly of everyone who has contributed through time, effort or donations to raise funds for the Mudo Academy HQ

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