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Mudo Masters Visit North East

This weekend, students of the Mudo Academy of Great Britain gathered at the Education Village in Haughton, to benefit from the instruction and philosophy of their Martial Arts Father, Grand Master Kim Yong Ho. With the assistance of Master Kim Jihyun, the two days of Educational Seminars offered insight and guidance in true Martial Arts training.

Students were instructed in physical technique and breathing control essential to correctly utilise inner energy. Grand Master Kim Yong Ho gave insight into spiritual aspects of Mudo training which, with practise, makes students strong in both mind and body.

From white belts attending their first seminar, to 9th Dan black belts who have long since lost count, from children, to those who no longer claim to be young, everyone who attended has gained something.

The World Mudo Academy thanks Grand Master Kim Yong Ho and Master Kim Jihyun.

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