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Master Kim Educational Seminar Review

The weekend of the 30th and 31st March, once again, saw many of us fortunate enough to benefit from the teaching of Grand Master Kim Yong Ho and Master Kim Jihyun. Those attending represented the Mudo Academy well – with all ages and levels of experience having something to gain from the experience.

With the assistance of Master Kim Jihyun, students were instructed and guided in the practice of different aspects of Tae Kwon Do technique. Saturday’s training focused principally on kicking techniques with an emphasis on the ‘whip-like’ speed of the Ap Chagi and the importance of striking with the blade of the foot in the Yeop Chagi. On Sunday Master Kim Yong Ho instructed us in close quarter fighting - highlighting the value of a range of elbow strikes – and self defence.

On a less physical note Master Kim provided a valuable insight/reminder that the Martial Art is about more than just physicality. We should not make the mistake of forgetting that our training is about making us strong and safe within ourselves in more than just a physical sense.

We offer many thanks to Grand Maser Kim Yong Ho and Master Kim Jihyun.

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